I am sick

And have very much neglected this blog.

Being sick gave me the chance to sit down and reflect on what needs to be done, what’s been done, and what lies ahead.

TAKE THAT MANFLU! I am vaguely productive. Even if I got out of bed at 2pm, bitched and moaned about going to the shop for milk for my tea and bought mostly biscuits.

I am not a good patient.

So what’s coming up?

More courses. Why? People in our tribe want help with time management, personal branding, networking, procrastination, building habits, social media automation, and more. Also it wouldn’t hurt to have a little passive income trickling in and getting more people aware of our brand.

And other things. They can wait. I have more things to prepare for the blog and I’ll talk about the importance of content marketing soon. And should probably sort some branding out for this little blog…

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