Easter Weekend

It’s gonna be an unusual one!

This year Easter will be within the hallowed halls of the NEC. Like 2 weekends ago but with 2 extra days.

It should be a lot of fun and I’m waaaaay more chilled than going into MCM.

I have no easter egg expectations, I have my slides ready to go and had a run through, I’m genuinely looking forward to it!

If you;re around I’ll be hosting events in the Cosplay Zone all weekend.


Ha! Well coachingforgees.com is getting regular content but this place, tumbleweeds right?

I’ll be honest, life is so freaking busy with working, blogging, speaking, podcasting, clients, meetings… It’s tough to find time. Something has to change. And it will. Plans are afoot…

But not until after Insomnia, PAX, Rezzed.

I have got the taste for speaking again and I have plans for content, low cost but awesome content. Short courses. Then a book. Then a membership site.

For now! The challenge continues and Nega Robin is slowly consuming members of the group. I hope they manage to contain him. I genuinely worry as to what would happen if he were fully freed.

Plenty of rest, some exercise, more downtime, some vegetables, see some friends. Oh man. That’s what I need. And my challenge focuses on my own wellbeing. People will drain you of everything you have and my boundaries need to be more defined.

We’ll get there! And there’s a smile on my face.

Right, meditation course and bed.


Welcome, wait, this isn’t Coaching for Geeks?!

Nah, we all need an outlet that isn’t all work work work, and this is mine.

HOWEVER. I will talk about Coaching for Geeks and the awesome things I get to do through it, the slightly less awesome things I have to do because of  it, and bitch about THE BLOODY BLOG PAGE NOT DEFAULTING TO HTTPS AND I DON’T KNOW WHY.

Also I’ll talk about our courses (dating, getting more from life )development of new courses, games, shows, developing business relationships, personal relationships, and anything else that I need to get out of my head, down my arms, and out through my fingers.

You are now all my therapists. Good luck.

This will get a lick of paint soon. Maybe. Got webinars to do.